Cafe Plenty - Brighton

We're a new Brighton cafe and meeting place. Also a micro-bakery, a tea and coffee brew house – and a great space for people to live, work, eat great food, network and connect with each other.

Located just behind Brighton’s North Laine and London Road areas (only a 7 minute walk from Brighton Station and a quarter of a mile from the sea), PLENTY will be set within the ground floor of the large iconic 1960s commercial building, Vantage Point, and will offer a spacious and welcoming escape from the bustle to enjoy freshly on-site-baked and prepared food and drinks – all using as locally sourced as possible ingredients, by our expert chefs and barista's. Created to cater to everybody from families to office-workers, from creative’s to passers by, the space will provide a bright, contemporary work and life environment, that can really be used as a central meeting, eating and drinking place by everyone.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

Our team are the heart of what we do. All of our staff understand, respect, appreciate and believe in what we are trying to achieve here. They are on hand to explain to our customers the nature of our business, the thinking behind our menu and all the aspects of our business that make PLENTY what it is. Investing in our people, helps to demonstrate our commitment and desire to play a progress, positive and permanent role in our community.