CDO Partners Ltd

CDO Partners is a company focused on making data work for our customers. We believe that every business should consider themselves a data business, and through putting data at the heart of their model drive value in efficiency, effectiveness and transformation.

We work with companies large and small to identify where they could be using data to drive value, then we rapidly build solutions using the latest technology and frameworks to prove it out. To deliver we then provide services including strategy consulting, solutions delivery, technology consulting, fully managed analytical applications, support and training.

We are certified partners in technologies including Tableau, Alteryx, Google Cloud and Squirro enabling us to provide comprehensive and cutting edge data and analytics solutions.

We're based in Brighton at the Sussex Innovation Centre on campus at Sussex University and engage with a range of local customers and communities around data.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

Being based on campus we've been really fortunate to build good relationships with the university, and recently we've hired a number of graduates and interns from Sussex and beyond to join our team. We've noticed it's becoming increasingly difficult for them to live and work in Brighton due to the costs of accommodation and living - this potentially becomes a problem for us when attracting and retaining the right people.

We want to ensure we are continually able to hire fantastic people who share our values and belief in making data work, and at the same time ensure they are able to live healthily, comfortably and sustainably as well as enjoying our brilliant city. We believe the living wage is a minimum standard we should employ to help with that.