Clarity Environmental Ltd

We help businesses comply with environmental regulations, operating low cost, quality compliance schemes for businesses that need to comply with the Producer Responsibility regulations. Founded in 2002 by our Managing Director, David Adams, Clarity Environmental initially traded in packaging recovery notes, the evidence of recycling needed by packaging producers to comply with the regulations. Whilst our PRN trading division remains a core part of our business today, over the years we have diversified into other areas within our sector. In addition to our packaging, WEEE and battery compliance schemes, we also operate a take-back scheme for scrap vehicle batteries, which we export on behalf of a major international manufacturer. With a clear focus on helping UK businesses to become more sustainable, our range of waste to fuel services help divert waste from landfill. We are committed to delivering transparency and cost reduction to the compliance, recycling and recovery sectors, and ar

Why do you support the Living Wage?

We are extremely proud of our dedicated team at Clarity. They are our most important asset and we will always put them first. Brighton and Hove is a vibrant, exciting and thriving city and we are lucky to be based here, but we are acutely aware that it is also an expensive place to live. Committing to paying a realistic wage, that ensures people can live rather than just survive, is just one way we can show our teams that they are valued. As our business grows it also helps ensure that we can attract and retain professional and motivated people. Having happy staff that stay with us benefits not only our business, but also our customers. We are delighted to join the campaign. Not only does it confirm our own commitment, but also shows our support for the Living Wage, which we hope will help to encourage others to join.