JOY. Concerts

JOY Concerts are a leading independent event organiser based in the city of Brighton, delivering in the region of 200 + events across the city annually. Our main discipline is Music. We have worked independently since 2013, forming as a ltd company in 2017. We have won a number of awards including Live UK regional impact of the year and Live UK independent promoter of the year. We sit on as a board member on the Association Of Independent Promoters which is a national representative body for independent event organisers in the UK.

Our organisation is responsible for the programming & operation of Concorde2, one of the UK’s leading independent venues. Achievements include the prestigious Music Week ‘Venue Of The Year’ award. We assist a local community church (charity #1129911) managing their event programme delivery to generate additional funding for their community support network.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

We support the Living Wage Campaign because we believe in fair living standards and equal opportunities for all full time and part time employees of our organisation and within the wider business community of Brighton.