My Eco Sparkle

We are a cleaning company with a difference. We provide outstanding service, with our friendly and fully trained staff. Our goal is to enable people to work flexible hours and grant them the freedom to work, stay off benefits but also be able to look after their family and other commitments. We have revolutionised the way a cleaning company is managed, to give our cleaners and clients more flexibility with their service. Why should getting a cleaner be so hard!? Well not anymore, with our cleaners input the hours they want filled and our clients have a clear and easy way to book and choose their service at the touch of a button! Its so easy, AND our clients have the same cleaner week after week!

We carry out assessments to ensure our clients are receiving the best standard of work at all times, and are in full contact with our staff to ensure they are clear on what they need to do on each job.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

“We believe in working to live NOT living to work. No employer has the right to control their staff by forcing low wages on people. We love our cleaners to be motivated and happy. A happy workforce means happy clients! Resulting in a better company! We aim to grow in size so we can offer even more to our staff, such as commission on products sales, regular bonuses AND end of year prizes for those who really are outstanding! So supporting the Living Wage Campaign is most definitely a must for us! We hope to change the lives of our cleaners and clients, by doing things right. So of course, supporting a like minded cause is a no brainer! Let’s get Britain back to work, living happy and healthy lives together!”