Pragmatic is Europe's leading WordPress agency. We provide a variety of WordPress website services including consultancy, digital development and creative services. Our in-house team of over 50 web developers, designers and UX experts, create beautiful, responsive, websites for businesses of all sizes.
As the largest WordPress agency in Europe, we are especially well suited to meet the challenges of enterprise projects, dealing with complex design and UX requirements, CRM and ERP integrations. Our unique culture and delivery sets Pragmatic apart from other agencies, allowing us to form long term partnerships with our clients, who include Condé Nast, Bacardi, Sage, DPD, and many more.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

If people aren't paid enough to live in a thriving city like Brighton, the stress of paying rent, eating and basic needs will impact on their happiness at work and in their private life. We believe in paying everyone a fair salary, regardless of seniority and role in the company. We don't believe in unpaid internships or work experience - if someone is providing their time, they should be paid for it!