The Brighthelm Centre

Brighthelm is at the heart of a 350 year-old tradition of non-conformist Christianity in Brighton. In the early 1970s the creation of the United Reformed Church (URC) brought together three like-minded local congregations and allowed them to develop a vision of a purpose-built church and community centre, where church and people could come together to serve the community in the centre of Brighton. In 1987, the vision was realised and Brighthelm Church and Community Centre opened its doors. It combined modern office space and meeting room facilities with a fine Hanoverian Chapel, dating back to 1825. A community café was created, and, outside, what was once a graveyard was converted to a garden open to the public.

In the last three years, Brighthelm has embarked on a new journey to refresh and update its vision. The plan is to rejuvenate and build on the Brighthelm project, adding a new sustainability element alongside the original vision combining church and community goals.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

"We are delighted to have joined the Living Wage Campaign. Brighthelm is changing rapidly. We are undergoing significant changes, have a thriving cafe to focus on good value high quality locally sourced food, refurbished rooms, a busy Pre-school and our office space is full. We believe in valuing our staff and it seemed like the next step was to ensure everyone was being paid the Living Wage."