The Good Business Club

The Good Business Club is a community of generous and supportive business owners who pledge to do business differently and support each other on that journey.

We know running a good business is tough. That's a given. Figuring it out on your own. That's a choice.

We make it possible for first-time entrepreneurs who want to change the world to set up sustainable businesses without decades of experience behind them. We do this by helping them tap into the experience and expertise of others who’ve blazed the trail before them.

We build our businesses by connecting, working, and learning together. Because collaboration gives us a better chance of having a lasting impact on the world.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

Good businesses have a purpose beyond making a profit, contributing positively to people and the planet while still being profitable.

When it comes to building a better business for people, we strive to create work that works for our team and that includes being paid fairly for their contribution to the business.

We have paid above the living wage since making our first hire and will continue to do so as we grow the team.

If you'd like to find out what being a good business means to us and the businesses in our community, or if your business would be considered a "good business", find out more here: