Ticketmedia was created in the late 90's born out of a paper roll manufacturing company producing plain bus ticket and till rolls. Through on-going improvement and innovation we deliver a range of products and services suited to today’s evolving print and media market. Ticketmedia is globally recognised as the leading authority on ticket advertising of all descriptions and provide a central resource for media planners and buyers. We provide a unique portfolio of powerful and effective out of home formats including bus tickets, pre-printed till rolls, oyster receipts and car park tickets.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

“We are delighted to be able to increase wages to our staff to above the current Living Wage rate from January 2016. The size of the increases are dependent on current salary and skill levels, it will make a considerable difference to the salaries of quite a lot of them. Our employees are all skilled experts in their particular areas but we plan to train them further so they can do all functions at a basic level, working cross-functionally in order to do this. Ticketmedia will benefit from having all employees within manufacturing trained cross-functionally and we also believe it will be highly motivating and a great development opportunity for them all as individuals.”