Tom's Vans Removals - Your Local Man With a Van

Tom's Vans Removals - Your Local Man with a Van was set up in 2010 in Brighton & Hove. Tom set the business up with a strong determination to be the best and to offer something other companies were not getting anywhere close to. Tom's Vans is all about people; working with great customers and having a great team on hand to supply the service customers deserve. Tom believes strongly in growing a business slowly, basing it on reputation and goodwill, not just trying to maximise profit and growth. Tom's Vans offer Domestic Removals and Deliveries, Business Moves, Business Delivery Services & Contract work.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

Since day one Tom's Vans have always paid their part-time staff between £10 and £13 per hr plus tips. We live in a modern country with a high cost of living and the living wage is a step towards helping people meet their day-to-day living costs. It is deeply unfair how people struggle to make ends meet, with high rents, lack of rent control, ludicrously expensive public transport combined with low hourly wages. To me if you pay a decent wage from day one, you are showing you value your team.