Formed in 2017, the Network of International Women for Brighton & Hove is run by volunteers, provides a space for women to meet, share experience and knowledge and support one another. We meet in different venues across the City to share information, exchange ideas, learn and build friendships.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

The Network supports international women in the Brighton and Hove area through personal support, as well as mentoring, education, training and employment opportunities to offer an improved quality of life. Being a predominantly female led team and through engaging with women from different backgrounds, we understand the disparities and barriers women, especially those from ethnic minority groups face.

"Young women will earn a fifth less each year than a young man of the same age. For some groups of young women, such as those from racially minoritised communities, the income gap is even larger." (Young Women's Trust)

This is why we support the living wage campaign.