Specialist Language Courses

SLC is the UK's leading Medical English provider and exam preparation provider for health care professionals.

We Specialise in Technical and Business English where language skills are critical to communication in high-risk, high-stakes environments.
We create ground-breaking online language courses offering specialist on-demand training in the healthcare sector.
We deliver virtual classroom training around the world, enabling you and your team to get trained by world-class experts wherever you are.
We design high impact, cost-effective, outcomes-focused English language courses around clients’ specific requirements, schedule and budget.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

The Living Wage represents a level of pay that brings individuals and families out of poverty and promotes social inclusion. We strongly believe that no-one living in our city, or indeed our country, should be in work and yet still unable to support their needs and the needs of their family. Everyone should be paid adequately to support themselves and their loved ones and SLC is 100% committed to this as an ethical practice.