The Record Album

The Record Album, established in 1948, is Brighton’s oldest record shop and has been serving the record-buying public for over 75 years. Situated just 30 yards up from Brighton Station, it sells all kinds of music from pop and rock 'n roll to jazz, world music and classical but specialises in film soundtracks and theatrical cast recordings. It was described in Garth Cartwright’s chronicle of the UK record shop, Going For a Song, as “as Europe’s foremost soundtrack shop”. We buy and sell second-hand vinyl records of all genres. You can order online or by telephone at any time. If you have a collection to sell we can arrange an appointment.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

We believe in recompensing employees with a wage that reflects their hard work and dedication and meets the trials they face of the cost of everyday living, particularly at a time of rising costs and economic challenges. Being a Living Wage employer helps us retain staff and attract new employees and makes for a contented and productive workplace. It is an important factor in social corporate responsibility.