Cycling More Since the Pandemic? Meet Cyclewand

Interview with Robert Hughes.

What is Cyclewand? 

Cyclewand is a bicycle shop in central Brighton located right by the Level on the corner of Ditchling Road and Baker Street. We are predominately a Cycle repair, service and maintenance shop we do sell new bikes too but we prefer to repair.
Our philosophy is cleaner, healthier, sustainable living. Our aim is to reduce and help others reduce stresses we place on natural resources, we believe that raising the standard of living through fair wages will allow people to make better and more sustainable choices. This is an important step towards maintaining a healthier planet.

Can you tell us about a cool project you’ve worked on?

At Cyclewand we try to get involved with projects that are designed to help society we are very driven when it comes to being a part of, and creating a better world, with have previously supported a local mental health charity donating a portion of our sales directly to them, a charity bike ride that the then Mayor of Brighton Cllr Pete West was involved in, we have worked with the innovative charity Gig Funding (previously know as Dignity Platform) and our longest standing relationship which we intend to continue to partner with is 1% For The Planet, we were the first Bicycle shop in the UK to join this fantastic organisation where businesses or individuals pledge 1% of their revenue each year to grassroots environmental causes!

Why is paying a Living Wage important to your business?

The most important part of paying a decent Living Wage is so that people have the ability to afford to make the right health and consumer choices, I believe that raising living standards with a focus on health and well-being is the key to creating a fairer world, it is a huge factor in protecting the health of the environment, people who can afford to make considered buying decisions will most of the time choose what is right over what is convenient.

How are you adapting to the pandemic and is there anything you want to let people know about at the moment?

In the midst of this pandemic we have been delighted to see that more people are turning to bicycles as an alternative to driving and public transport, we see this as a huge positive for the health and well-being of people and the planet. We have been able to adapt our workspace well, we feel safe and that means we are able to continue the work we do. The most important thing is to create a safe environment and look after the well being of the staff and the customers. I think the businesses that will shine are the ones that can offer security to their staff and offer purpose and meaning within the work they do. Any businesses which do good things will have followers and advocates, that’s the most important thing for businesses in uncertain times, if you treat your staff and customers well they will help steer you through.
People are resourceful and adaptable and most generations have faced challenges. I have massive faith that we can come through this Pandemic and be in a position to create a better world.
If you would like to find out more about the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign or want to sign up as a Living Wage Employer, please follow this link.