Q&A with BrandB Rad!o

We caught up with Dave Allen, Founder and Executive Producer of BrandB Rad!o to chat about the Brighton and Hove Living Wage Campaign and find out a bit more about their mission to spread environmental good news.

1. Can you tell us about BrandB Rad!o and its journey? 

BrandB Rad!o has been a driving force for me for three years. Having a media-production background since the 80s and a growing concern about the environment over the past twenty years, I had one of those classic ‘lightbulb’ moments when I realised there was so much environmental good news out there that wasn’t being platformed by the ‘doom and gloom’ mainstream media. I also realised we can, and are, spending our way to a Greener Economy. Eureka!, a sustainable business model was born. We plan to launch this late-Summer.

2. What do you do in your role as Founder and Executive Producer? 

Basically, I identify an interesting story to capture and then put the right people, with the right equipment, in the right place at the right time and keep my fingers crossed! Over the last nine months especially, we’ve grown our freelance-team dealing with back-office, marketing, story-research, production and post-production.

3. What’s been a standout moment for BrandB Rad!o? 

There’s been a few. Apart from getting us registered as a not-for-profit enterprise with a Coop bank account and gaining the UK’s only Green MP, Caroline Lucas’ support, the rewards of connecting with the many good people doing good things for their business and planet is an ongoing standout moment.

4. Why did you sign up the Living Wage Campaign? 

As a new business, I wanted to start off on the right foot. Working for a Living Wage has never been so important as now – what with the cost-of-living crisis, the housing crisis and the competition for, and transitory nature of, work (especially in the media business) it was important to be seen as a fair employer from the outset. Of course, paying the Living Wage is the minimum we’re happy to commit to!

5. Have you faced any challenges recently in your business? 

Ha, yes – everyday! The ongoing challenge is to produce quality programmes and shows our listeners will enjoy. BrandB Rad!o invites anyone who wants to help in our endeavour to platform positive environmental stories, organisations, projects and people, to contact us. Please visit our website; www.brandbradio.com and/or email; info@brandbradio.com Thank you!

Can you help Brighton reach 1000 Living Wage employers? Find out more about the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign here. If you think you’re already a Living Wage employer, or would like to sign up, head over to this page to get started.