Roadways the Right Way – Paying the Right Wage

Living Wage employers Hailsham Roadways (Roadways) is based in Polegate and operates across the South-East.

A regional leader in highways construction, they’re key workers. They keep our roads flowing, vital during lockdown so other key workers can travel without delay. Roadways is open for business throughout all lockdowns.

With a history dating back to 1966, the company has a well-established pedigree in the industry and the South-East. The current owners, James Bailey and Victoria Vasilauskaite, a civil engineer, bought Roadways five years ago and have invested heavily in safety, technology, training, and machinery.

This has resulted in the company now being an award-winning modern, ethically based business which innovates to produce eco-friendly products in the highways construction sector. They have been featured in several trade publications over recent months.

James and Victoria are industry champions and Victoria is also an Enterprise Advisor for the East Sussex County Council’s Careers Hub, where she helps students explore careers options involving the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Over the last year, and up to the present, they have:

– 8 apprenticeships to upskill the local workforce

– 2 work experience students

– hired over 15 new operatives

– introduced 2 new office middle management positions

– added 2 new office support positions

– are planning to enrol another 4 apprentices

– developed 3 new more environmentally friendly products

– invested over £250k in new plant and equipment

– invested over £100k into R&D to develop new materials and innovation for the industry

– become enterprise advisors to local schools

– become industry champions and active construction task group members

– become Living Wage Campaign Brighton employers

The health and safety of Roadways’ teams and the public is paramount. Mental health and wellbeing are key issues in the construction industry particularly among men who are often reticent to get medical check-ups. Roadways ensures everyone has a confidential, caring environment in which to talk, providing access to a range of free support.

This includes counselling, massages (not during lockdown), daily online yoga classes, virtual social events (partners included), regular talking sessions, and opportunities to take part in charity work. Everyone does at least one charity day a year. The company aims to complete one charitable event per month.

Roadways is reaping the benefits of investment. Consistently winning contracts, they had a very successful 2020 and are looking forward to another excellent year.

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