The restaurant that doesn’t have a bin

We were recently pleased to welcome local foodie hot spot Silo to our campaign. With combined modern and ancient approaches to cooking, Silo’s highly creative menu is ever changing and is perhaps just one of the reasons their reputation for exciting food is so strong. We caught up with founder and chef Douglas McMaster to find out more about them.

So what’s Silo all about?
Silo is a restaurant that doesn’t have a bin. We work very closely with the amazing farmers surrounding the Brighton area, trading directly to eliminate unnecessary packaging. We process all of our own ingredients ourselves – milling flour, churning butter, rolling oats creating ‘super-natural’ food. I believe that we’re still the only restaurant that doesn’t have a bin… in the world.

What is it like being a restaurateur in Brighton & Hove ?
It’s amazing to have such an abundance of incredible organic farming and a community of people passionate about ‘plant food’, whether it’s vegetarian, vegan or just people that champion the value of natural food.

What made you become zero waste?
I spent time working with an artist in Australia who became well known for beautiful buildings made from waste materials. Together we decided to create a waste free food system to compliment his building. That natural thought process led us to this idea. Of course the benefits of a zero waste restaurant are quite significant in 2018.

How long have you been a Living Wage employer?
Unofficially it’s been this way for quite some time, we’ve only just got round to making it official. We were voted Britain’s most ethical restaurant at the Guardian’s Observer awards. It feels like our responsibility to cover these bases officially. It means a lot for our staff to be rewarded fairly for their hard work.

Is staff well being very important at Silo then? 
It means everything, without the team we’re just an empty shell. Positive staff results in a good product, both food & drinks as well as service!

What’s coming up that people can get involved with?
We’re doing an off the grid wood-fired event at Namayasai farm (near Lewes). It will be an amazing feast cooked on fire in one of Sussex’s most beautiful locations.  Sunday 19th August –  it’s a collaboration with ‘The Herb Kitchen’ – more information here.

Thanks Doug!

Photography by Xavier D Buendia