Paying the Living Wage to employees has been shown to have a number of benefits for companies across the country, including:

  • Significantly lower rates of staff turnover
  • Substantial cost savings on recruitment and induction training
  • Reduced absence and sickness levels
  • Increased morale and higher productivity

We believe that paying the Living Wage will increase productivity, profile and profitability, and your business will also benefit from the positive marketing around the campaign.

Sign up now – it’s free and will take only a couple of minutes.

Need more information? See our case studies page for more information on the business case for the Living Wage. This information will expand as we continue to ask local businesses and employees directly about the effects of paying a Living Wage. There are FAQs below and if you have any more questions, please contact us on 01273 719097 or email  campaigns@businessinbrighton.org.uk.

  • What our employers say ...

    Brighton & Hove Bus Company “We’re pleased to sign up because if we truly want this city to be sustainable in every way, employers need to play their part in providing living and sustainable wages for employees who live and work in the city and contribute themselves to the local economy.”

    OCSI “As a small business, with everyone working together in the same office, we see how the living wage helps employees know that they are a valued part of the OCSI team.”

    ABC Translations “At ABC Translations, we firmly believe that you get what you pay for. We offer a specialist, professional service; we therefore require staff capable of delivering that service and we wouldn’t get the right calibre of person if we didn’t pay a reasonable salary. Moreover, staff who feel valued will be more productive. It is of course important to have a good working environment, lots of positive feedback, supportive management, etc, but a decent living wage is what puts food on the table.”

    Sussex Police “As a key employer in Sussex the Chief Constable and I, on behalf of Sussex Police, are pleased to support the Living Wage Campaign in Brighton & Hove.”

    Bonetts “Bonett’s have long realised that the Minimum Wage is not sustainable for local employees. We support the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign.”

    Lollipop Print (used to be Document Options Ltd) “Lollipop Print are proud supporters of the Living Wage campaign and everything it stands for. Where possible we feel employees should be paid at this rate, rather than the National Minimum Wage, as it gives a better representation of what people need to earn, at a local level, in order to lead a more prosperous life.”

    Rockprotex Builders “Rockprotex Builders are very happy to support the living wage and it’s Campaign.”

    Loch Associates Employment Lawyers “Loch Associates Employment Lawyers believes supporting the living wage encourages a happy, loyal and motivated workforce.”

    Brighton & Hove Independent Mediation Society “Even as a small independent charity that is constantly having to raise funds to survive, we feel it is central to our ethos to pay our employees a living wage. People working in the community and voluntary sector often put in far more hours than they are contracted to, so this is at least one practical way we can demonstrate that we value them.”

    FAIR “FAIR as a company believes in giving a decent wage to the people that make our fashion products. We also believe that giving a living wage to our employees here in the UK is just as important and that it creates a happy and motivated team.”

    Dean Wilson LLP “As an employment solicitor at Dean Wilson I see first-hand how incredibly motivating the living wage can be as a sign of real employee appreciation and how much difference it can make to home life. I wholeheartedly recommend this campaign to all.”

    Promo Me “Initiatives like the Living Wage Campaign strengthen the local business community and secure the respect of its employees by recognising the changing economic climate of our rapidly growing city.”

    Silverado Retail Ltd “We’re delighted to be a part of the Living Wage Campaign. It’s good for the business community, our employees and the city itself. Everybody wins.”

    Grace Eyre “Grace Eyre are proud to have signed up to the Living Wage Campaign. It is important that our employees feel that their salaries are competitive and that they can realistically support themselves with their standard of living. Ensuring that we meet the living wage can help support the rising cost of living and as an employer we also understand how the campaign can add value to being an employer of choice for prospective employees. It contributes to the overall perception of Grace Eyre as a fair and responsible employer.”

    The Sussex Sign Company “The Sussex Sign Company are proud to be part of the Living Wage Campaign, we believe everybody deserves a living wage for a good days work.”

    Wired Sussex “At Wired Sussex we’ve committed to paying at least Brighton living wage to all our staff as we recognise the high costs to live in our wonderful city and we’d like to support and nurture talent where possible.”

    Alpha Wave Media “Work shouldn’t just be about profitability and focused on money. At Alpha Wave Media we actively seek to support our employees. Signing up for the living wage was a no-brainer – we are already paying all of our staff a living wage. Getting behind it is important though, as it shows our commitment to our staff, and we hope it will encourage other local companies to make the commitment too.”

    Brightonesque Business Group “Times are difficult enough for many people and cutting their base pay is not constructive. A place of work that goes out of its way to supplement employee income over the base minimum produces a happier employee, a more loyal employee and therefore a business that would inevitably deliver better customer service.”

    Utility “We are very pleased to be part of the Living Wage Campaign. We respect our employees very much and in turn, we have very long standing and loyal staff. The Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign is doing a great job, everybody deserves a proper wage: it makes for a great working environment.”

    Brighton Women’s Centre “Brighton Women’s Centre is proud to be a Living Wage employer. It is now widely recognised that women are being disproportionately impacted by the ‘cuts’ and historically have suffered from inequality in pay. We believe that women and men are entitled to a living wage and as such have been paying our employees above the living wage agreed for Brighton and Hove.”

    Stay Up Late “We’re a locally based charity committed to promoting active social lives for people with learning disabilities and we know how much a night out costs, let alone just living in our lovely city. We’ve committed to paying at least the Brighton living wage to show respect to our staff in recognising this.”

    ParentSkool Ltd “Parentskool is a social enterprise that puts people before profit. Signing up to the Living Wage Brighton Campaign is a logical step for any organisation that claims to be ethical in its treatment of its most valuable resources: the people who work for them. We are proud to be part of the campaign and encourage all organisations to sign up as well.”

    Craker Business Solutions “Craker Business Solutions believes in paying a fair price to both suppliers and staff. The living wage gives us a minimum price so that we can ensure staff can live off their wage and not just survive. A fair wage, flexible and virtual working makes for loyal and motivated staff.”

    Adventure Unlimited “Local charity Adventure Unlimited is pleased to be part of the Living Wage Brighton Campaign. We pay all our staff and instructors as a minimum the recommended living wage, in recognition of their work and the high cost of living locally.”

    Enterprise Exchange “Enterprise Exchange specialises in helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds enter employment or self employment, therefore an initiative like the Living Wage that supports the ability for people to have a life not just an existence underpins our key aspirations for our clients.”

    Create “At Create.net, helping our employees to be happy and achieve their ambitions is really important to us and paying them a reasonable salary is part of this. It also helps the business by reducing staff turnover, increasing morale and productivity and generally makes work a positive aspect of your life. The question shouldn’t be are you signed up to this important campaign, but why aren’t you?”

    hiSbe “We knew staff would be our biggest cost when setting up hiSbe but it was key to our planning that we made sure we paid the living wage so that our staff are well and happy when they come to work.”

    Brainwaves “We are proud to be a Living Wage employer. We demand a high level of client focus from our employees and wish to pay a salary that reflects that dedication. The Living Wage Campaign is a great initiative for our local area.”

    Leapfrogg Ltd “Leapfrogg take pride in ensuring that all staff are being treated in a fair way, to boost happiness, motivation and wellbeing which is important for productivity and ultimately the success of any business. Supporting the Living Wage Brighton Campaign is important to us so we can build awareness within the community and make a positive step towards all businesses offering their employees a living wage. If your company can support the Living Wage Campaign then please sign up and spread the word!”

    Brilliant Noise Ltd “Everyone needs to have a living wage – but this is not always remembered when business decisions are made. A movement like this could be a strong counterbalance to market pressures and help people in business make decisions that balance ethics and economics. We hope that it inspires other companies and cities to do the same.”

    Rockinghorse “We are proud to be part of the Living Wage initiative giving our employees a fair wage which increases morale, retention and productivity.”

    IJ Care Ltd “This is a fantastic campaign for Brighton & Hove and we are proud to add our name to the list of employers dedicated to paying a fair living wage. For us, paying our staff a wage that enables them to live decently is a no brainer, we value them too highly not to and hope many more organisations who hold the same value of their staff will add their names too.”

    RDF Group “RDF Group are proud to support a campaign that helps change lives and lifts local families out of poverty. We became a Living Wage employer, because we believe that everyone deserves a decent wage, regardless of the job they do.” Gosia Bullock, Employee Relationship Advisor
    Jobs in Brighton and Hove “We believe that the well-being of both individuals and businesses will be enhanced by remunerating staff fairly for a day’s work. Staff are likely to be more confident, motivated and engaged, whilst businesses will benefit from the increased productivity of a happier work force.”

    Trackpal “A living wage makes a real difference to people’s lives. What’s more, it benefits Brighton & Hove by improving the happiness and wellbeing of the people who live here. Business owners have a duty to think about more than just profit – starting with making employees feel appreciated and motivated by rewarding them properly for the work they do. The more companies that sign up to the Living Wage Campaign, the more others will be encouraged to do the same.”

    Lighthouse Learning “Creating a happy workplace is one of our most important goals as a start-up so we’re very proud to be part of Living Wage Brighton. It’s a step that many companies can take to make a positive impact in the local community. As a digital business, people are our most valued resource. Our team is talented and hard working so they deserve to be rewarded fairly.”

    Miggle “Like any business, our staff are our most valuable and prized asset. How would we be respecting that if we weren’t committed to paying them at least a living wage? A good job is more than just the money you earn, but we work to live and that costs! If we can’t value that, we shouldn’t be hiring.”

    Sitevisibility “We’re passionate about the Living Wage Campaign. Paying people a living wage is the decent thing to do. It improves the wellbeing of the community and that’s something that we’re really motivated to achieve. We sincerely hope that this campaign encourages other businesses to do the same.”

    Brighton and Hove Independent “I feel very passionate about the campaign, because I am a strong believer that one motivated member of staff is worth five who are demotivated. Increased productivity can only be an advantage for all local businesses.”

    Brighton House Hotel “We have always viewed a living wage for our staff at the Brighton House as a positive business decision. Satisfied staff present a more comfortable and accommodating demeanour to guests, which in turn makes for happier customers and more repeat business. It’s a win-win. And, staff staying longer in their jobs greatly facilitates the management of the business.”

    QualitySolicitors Howlett Clarke “The firm is strongly committed to this campaign for the positive benefits that is gives not only to employees but to the wider Brighton community. We pay the living wage to our staff and this campaign endorses what we are already doing. The firm would actively encourage other local employers to do the same.”

    Care Co-ops “Our organisation is committed to recognising the value of its staff and ensuring that their work is rewarded accordingly. The Living Wage Campaign benefits the whole community and improves the quality of everyone within it. We fully endorse the campaign and would aspire to all organisations being part of the movement to see the living wage become a recognised standard of industry.”

    The Carers Centre for Brighton & Hove “At the Carers Centre for Brighton & Hove our commitment to the living wage is one sign of how much we value the dedication, skill and hard work of our staff who do the vital job of advising and supporting the city’s carers.”

    Digital Tactics Ltd “At Digital Tactics we believe that all businesses rely on the performance of their staff to succeed and in turn we have a responsibility to our business and staff to allow them to be the best they can be. For us this starts with paying at least a living wage for the work they carry out on a day to day basis, as well as investing in training, providing healthcare, pensions and appropriate bonus schemes to reward excellent performance. We are proud to support the Living Wage Campaign in Brighton and Hove and would encourage all businesses to consider the positive impact of paying their staff at least a living wage for the work they perform, wherever they are based.”

    Brighthelm “We are delighted to have joined the Living Wage Campaign. Brighthelm is changing rapidly. We are undergoing significant changes, have re-opened our cafe to focus on good value high quality locally sourced food. There will be re-launch of Brighthelm in September. As part of this process all roles at Brighthelm have been reviewed and a number of people have seen their salaries lifted to the living wage. As a value driven project, Brighthelm is proud to have made this commitment to its staff.”

    Fruitmedia “At Fruitmedia we are proud to be part of the Living Wage Campaign as we feel it recognises the importance of staff by rewarding the hard work they put into the business. The Living Wage Campaign also benefits the wider community and we would encourage all businesses to join.”

    City College Brighton and Hove “We feel that it’s essential that City College staff feel valued and supported and the Living Wage Campaign does so much to help ensure that hard-working people get a fair and reasonable income. This is why the College is proud to give this campaign our wholehearted backing.”

    Sussex Community NHS Trust “We recognise and value the work carried out by all our staff and we’re delighted to have achieved accreditation as a Living Wage employer. We employ more than 4,000 staff across Brighton & Hove and West Sussex and this accreditation reinforces our commitment to increase the wellbeing of our staff.”

    Don’t Believe The Hype “People need to be able to do more than just survive. Giving something back by supporting your community and ensuring the people you work with a bit more than a living wage really isn’t that much to ask. Brighton is an amazing city, what makes it so amazing is the unique range of people that make up this vibrant and forward thinking place. If you live, work or play here the Living Wage Campaign is something that you should back.”

    R & M Scaffolding “At R&M Scaffolding we value our staff team and want to offer a good working environment with a decent wage to enable our staff to fully participate in the wonderful things that Brighton & Hove has to offer. Even in these difficult economical times it is important to pay people their worth.”

    Quick HR “The living wage is a fair minimum pay level for people to stay in Brighton & Hove – and that’s got to be good for all employers because you want to keep people you’ve hired and trained, rather than have to replace them.”

    GB Communications PR “With essentials such as travel and energy costs continuing to rise above inflation, responsible employers ought to pay a living wage. It allows people to live not just survive. Signing up to the Living Wage Campaign is simply the right thing to do and I hope more employers see the benefits this will bring to their companies and the whole city.”

    Impact Initiatives “We are proud to be able to say we are now a Living Wage employer, we were not far off prior to this campaign but it highlighted the issues and the total additional cost has been manageable even in the current climate.”

    Public-i “We have always believed it is essential to pay staff a living wage and we are therefore delighted to be signed up to the Living Wage Campaign. It is important to retain staff that we have invested time and effort into and as a company committed to enabling our staff to develop to their full potential a large part of this is ensuring they receive a decent living wage.”

    Brighton Peace and Environment Centre “We are delighted to be the 100th signatory of the local Living Wage Campaign. This is evidence that we join a growing voice of employers that are taking a first step in recognising the value of peoples’ work, and the ethical imperative of enabling all those employed in our area to take part in our local economy. Taking this kind of action is also central to BPEC’s vision of a more peaceful and equitable global society.”

    Madgex “Supporting the Brighton Living Wage Campaign is something we’re really proud to do. Our city is bustling with talented people, but living here is expensive. Paying well, providing a good work/life balance and offering a fantastic benefits package is just some of the things Madgex does to help support and recognise our brilliant people. We’d urge others to get behind the campaign too and really put Brighton & Hove on the map.”

    Travel Nation “As a company we even pay trainee staff more than a basic wage so we’ve signed up to the Living Wage Campaign as this only seems fair.’

    Rickshaw Travel “The Travel and Tourism industry is notoriously low paid, but Travel Nation and Rickshaw Travel are successful companies and we like to look after our staff. We also provide free daily lunches and a wide range of other benefits too.”

    The Brighton Natural Health Centre “As a registered charity, The Brighton Natural Health Centre has been helping to keep the local community healthy and happy for over 30 years, and this idea of wellbeing extends to our staff. We strongly believe employees should be paid fairly for the good work they do and we are very much behind the Living Wage Campaign. Let’s hope other local businesses sign up and make it a real success.”

    Creased Cards “As a new retail business, we felt it was very important to signal our intent to ensure our staff are well-motivated – therefore the Living Wage was a no-brainer. Meeting the living wage level is already helping to ensure we deliver on our top priority – delivering a superior retail experience to our customers through happy and healthy team members.”

    Brighton & Hove Care Commissioning Group “This is absolutely the right thing to do. As a responsible organisation, we are working hard to ensure that we support the people who work for us. We believe that by adopting the living wage, we are setting a powerful example to other organisations in the area to do the same. At present, 18 per cent of people working in Brighton & Hove live in relative poverty and all organisations need to play an active role in reducing that number for the benefit of the community in which we live and work.”

    Futurehealth Brighton “We are proud to be first GP surgery to sign up to the Living Wage Campaign, so essential to the health and wealth of our seafront city.”

    The Sackville Medical Centre “The Sackville Medical Centre is pleased to be associated with the Living Wage initiative, which underpins our commitment to support our loyal and hard-working staff, in providing remuneration commensurate with a reasonable standard of living.”

    Survivors’ Network “At Survivors’ Network our staff provide invaluable support to people at their most vulnerable. It is absolutely essential that we recognise this and paying a living wage is the least that we can do.”

    Ocasta Studios “As a mobile app company our team is our core asset and the key to continuing our success, so offering them a secure and healthy salary is just one of the many ways we keep them motivated to continue developing themselves. For that reason we pay all our staff well above the living wage; as an investment in each individual and the local community is essential for any sensible business.”

    Brighton & Sussex Care “At Brighton & Sussex Care we recognise that paying people fairly isn’t just an option, it’s something we MUST do. We want to recruit and retain the best team in the field because that will help our service users reach their full potential. People work better when they feel valued by a fair employer. In an increasingly competitive environment we need our teams to deliver the highest standards of care and one way in which we achieve that is by ensuring that we pay our staff fairly from the moment they arrive at work until the moment that they leave. It’s simply not fair to expect people to meet the enabling costs of employment. Quite simply, the living wage makes good business sense.”

    Fresh Egg “Fresh Egg people are hardworking, passionate about online marketing and driven by a love of what they do, delivering top quality creative solutions to digital challenges. As the people are the most important part of Fresh Egg, we ensure that investment in their ongoing learning and professional development is an absolute priority. Part of this includes paying our staff well above the living wage.”

    Neo “We’re proud to support the living wage because we believe everyone in Brighton & Hove should be able to earn enough to live comfortably. At Neo our people think creatively to amplify the work that really matters. They make Neo – we’re more than happy to pay them above the living wage.”

    Cardens “As a business we take our social responsibility very seriously, the city is a fantastic place to live and work and as such we feel it should be an aspiration for everyone in a position of influence to encourage anything that ensures a proper standard of living for the people who work and contribute to the city’s vibrancy. We are therefore delighted to sign up to this initiative which aligns with our other objectives as a business including our 1% pledge whereby 1% of our turnover goes to support charities and clubs in the area.”

    Brighton Pavilions Guest House “Paying a living wage to our employees at Brighton Pavilions is really important to us. We believe our staff will be happier, more productive, and will deliver even better customer service to our guests. It’s simply the right thing to do.”

    Kare Plus “We are committed to ensuring excellent care is received by service users from our team, and one way to ensure this quality by valuing our staff and paying a fair wage. Without our staff, there would be no Kare Plus Brighton! We are proud to bring employment opportunities to a city in which we work and live. Staff can join our team, confident that they will receive a wage that meets minimum requirements to enjoy living in this vibrant and beautiful city.”

    Madison Solutions “We’ve got an amazing team at Madison Solutions. If they didn’t feel respected, they wouldn’t choose to work with us. There’s no respect without a living wage.”

    Kingsway Court Freeholders Ltd “The Board of Directors signed up to the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign as it is the right thing to do and we wouldn’t want to be part of a company that didn’t do the right thing.”

    Club Class Chauffeurs “Paying the living wage is like the Fairtrade mark for British employers – so why wouldn’t we commit to paying it! At Club Class Chauffeurs our 60 plus employees are our best asset – without them we would not have a business. It also makes sense because we end up with a motivated team that continues to deliver exceptional customer service to all our clients, on every journey, every day.”

    Brighton & Hove Impetus “We know that what we do as an organisation is only possible because of the skills, commitment and enthusiasm of our staff, as well as that of our volunteers. We work hard to reward and recognise both and making a public commitment to the living wage is just one way we try to do this.”

    Plus Accounting “Plus Accounting is a firm of chartered accountants that is continuing to grow in a busy City. We heard about the Living Wage Campaign through Brighton Chamber and after looking at it more detail we signed up straight away. Hiring and retaining good quality staff is a top priority of all businesses and Brighton & Hove is not a cheap place to live. Therefore the Living Wage Campaign gives employees a better quality of life which means that businesses can grow motivated teams and secure the best people in the market place.”

    Hilton Sharp & Clarke Chartered Accountants “Being in a relatively higher wage sector, the economic impact of the living wage may not be as great as for some, but we wanted to sign up to help, at least in a small way, with the overall visibility of the campaign.”

    Food Matters “We believe in paying a living wage to our employees and also in encouraging all employers to sign up to the campaign. Our work is food – and we know that today in the UK many people are struggling to find enough money to buy food on a daily basis. Paying people a living wage means people have will have more money available to buy good food for their families.”

    STAGES UK “The STAGES team should be paid their worth. It’s the right thing to do. They are an amazing group of people and without them STAGES would not be able to deliver the quality customer care, on which the company bases its ethics and business model.”

    Brighton i360 “I’m doing this because to me it makes perfect sense. If we pay more to our staff, we will be able to attract the very best, against a lot of competition in a city where tourism-related employment accounts for 14% the workforce. Our team is growing fast already and when we launch the i360 in 2016, we will be running one of the top attractions in the UK. We want to attract and retain great people who are able to deliver outstanding customer service. If visitors have a fantastic experience when they visit us, they are more likely to recommend our attractions to friends and family and to share their positive experience on social media. We believe that paying decent wages will have a direct and positive impact on our bottom line.”

    Black and Minority Ethnic Young People’s Project (BMEYPP) “Our charity is reliant on the hard work, dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment of our staff team. We want to ensure that they feel valued, appreciated and are rewarded for all that they put into our organisation. Without them we would not be able to deliver the much needed services to our client group.”

    breatheHR “We’re proud to be part of the Living Wage Campaign and think that everybody deserves a fair wage for a fair days work. Many businesses say ‘our employees are our most important assets’; we believe that actions speak louder than words. We also believe that employees should not be regarded as assets!”

    Cityzen LLP “We have just taken on our first permanent employee but even as a start up prior to this we always paid freelance staff the living wage or more. The partners considered if we couldn’t afford to pay someone the appropriate value for their work then the business model didn’t work. If someone gives their time, effort and skills to help us move our business along we feel it would be unfair and unethical to pay less than the cost of living.”

    Parkers Accountants “At Parkers we have always been committed to paying our staff above the living wage. Our staff are our business and we believe we have a responsibility to treat them fairly. Paying people a living wage greatly benefits the community by allowing local people to live and work in the city and contribute to the local economy. Living Wage Week felt like the right time to add our support to this initiative and we would encourage other local employers to do the same.”

    Family Law Partners “We believe that paying the living wage is not only the right thing to do, but makes good business sense too. Smart employers understand that attracting and retaining good people is vitally important- no more so than in legal services where clients really get to know the team advising them. Family Law Partners are delighted to pledge our support to the scheme.”

    Shy Camera “At Shy Camera we instinctively believe that fostering an environment where people feel that their work with us is valued can only ever make a positive contribution to the quality of work we output. Setting our wages and fees baseline against a living wage is an important marker towards this end, and so for us it’s a bit of a no-brainer.”

    15below “We believe a company is only as great as the people who work for you. Whilst our talented team are paid well above the living wage, we are here to show our support and do our small part in raising the awareness around this important issue.”

    ODM (UK) Ltd “Paying all our staff a reasonable and sensible wage allows them to enjoy their job and home life as well as having disposable income to put back into the local economy. The recent hard economic climate has meant that we have not been able to offer them increases perhaps enjoyed in the past, but with signs of a recovery we are looking forward to rewarding them more in the future.”

    Resource Centre “We support the Living Wage Campaign.”

    Gene Commerce “Gene is an employee owned business, we take great pride in creating a working environment that is challenging, rewarding, fair, fun and happy. We always put our team members first and we are proud to support the Living Wage Campaign, we know from experience treating staff right helps productivity and ultimately leads to business success for everyone.”

    Martin Searle Solicitors “Brighton & Hove is definitely “the place to be” but this is an expensive part of the UK to live in. The Living Wage Campaign and its aims are worth signing up for as it sets a more sustainable hourly rate which reflects the economic realities of living in our city.”

    Invona “At Invona, the development of our personnel is an integral part of our ethos. Ensuring our employees are paid sufficiently is a no brainer! We are committed to paying at minimum the living wage.”

    Hybred Events “Hybred Events has always believed in equal and fair pay and we aim to pay the Brighton living wage or above to our employees. It is incredibly important that young businesses, such as us, factor in fair pay early on, it doesn’t hinder growth but ensures that the people who work with you know they and their contributions are valued.”

    Ganda Media “As our team at Ganda grows we want to ensure we retain a productive and motivated workforce who are with us for the long haul. By signing up to Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign, we can both commit to paying our staff their worth whilst also helping increase the visibility of this campaign. It’s tough in the South East, but we believe everyone should be paid well enough to enjoy living here.”

    PixelByPixel “As a digital marketing and e-commerce company we understand that valuing your staff is just as critical as valuing all your business assets. We pride our self on our skilled and knowledgeable team and acknowledge the importance of paying them a living wage. This is why we want to add our voice and support to the Living Wage Campaign.”

    Sustainable Business Partnership CIC “It’s a positive move for employers to consider the living wage. Brighton’s a great place to live and work, but not cheap. The living wage could make a big difference to a lot of people for whom the city is their home.”

    The Clever Cleaning Company Ltd “The Clever Cleaning Company Ltd believes that not everyone can clean to a professional standard. Although cleaning is thought of as a low paid job, we think that cleaning is a skilled job and wages should reflect this. We realise that our staff represent the company as a whole. We are lucky to have a fantastic team and by paying them a living wage they feel valued and take pride in their job. From a business perspective it helps staff motivation and retention.”

    DabApps “We firmly believe that everyone should be paid fairly and recognised for their hard work. At DabApps we’re lucky to have a group of really committed people who do a fantastic job and without whom we wouldn’t be where we are today. We want to support the campaign and hopefully encourage other digital agencies in Brighton and Hove to be part of it.”

    CST Group Limited “As one of Brighton’s original digital agencies (we’ve been going for over 20 years), we’ve always recognised that our staff are our greatest asset, and have always paid even the most junior of them well above the living wage. To do anything else just wouldn’t feel right.”

    Baltic Trader Ltd “We raised our pay levels to £8.00 per hour for all staff in October 2014. We work as a team (five of us in all) and I want our staff to feel valued. We already had well motivated staff with zero staff absenteeism and low staff turnover so the higher rate of pay is in recognition of this. We definitely benefit as a business and the community benefits too.”

    Sussex Empowered Living Ltd “Having worked in a number of subordinate roles for many years before directing my own company I understand how paying staff a good wage can positively affect performance and outcomes. A happy workforce that earns a wage sufficient to enable a good quality of life are more likely to be content in their role thus less likely to search for alternative work. This reduces recruitment and training costs and enables a happy work culture that is conducive to growth and development.”

  • What our local politicians and councillors say ...

    Caroline Lucas, MP: “I’m immensely proud of the many employers in Brighton and Hove who subscribe to the Living Wage Campaign. They show that, even when times are tough, it’s possible to pay fairly and tackle inequality while maintaining economic competitiveness. Those businesses reflect values that have become synonymous with our city – that fierce sense of fairness, of working for the common good: that’s Brighton and Hove. I’ll continue to back the Living Wage, and I encourage all businesses to subscribe to it.”

    Mike Weatherley, MP: “It is very hard not to support the aims of the Living Wage campaign. Pointing out to employers that a certain level of wage is likely to lead to staff staying on and keeping the campaign voluntary should satisfy both employers and employees. I am delighted to add my support.”

    Simon Kirby, MP: “I am happy to support Living Wage Week. We all know that prices in Brighton are particularly high, especially for housing and transport, and so it is important that employers are fair in the wages they pay. Having a job is a key component in ensuring that people are able to move forward with their lives and making work pay is a key component in the Government’s Long Term Economic plan.”

    Cllr Jason Kitcat: “I’m so proud that our Brighton & Hove Living Wage campaign is one of the most successful in the UK. The reality is that everyone in society bears the costs of low wages, as the government effectively subsidises them through the welfare system. Where people aren’t paid enough to live, benefits like housing benefit helps them make ends meet. But paying the Living Wage is good for business too, as staff members are more likely to stay at an organisation, work better, and morale is higher. Local people also have more money in their pockets to spend in local shops and restaurants. A growing number of local employers are showing that it’s possible to reward employees and build a successful company at the same time, and I look forward seeing more sign up.”

    Cllr Graham Cox, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Hove and Portslade 2015: “Paying the Living Wage helps companies recruit and retain good staff. Turnover reduces and that saves money (e.g. in retraining) and employees feel more valued. Perhaps most importantly of all it improves the image of the businesses who pay it. The hospitality sector, so important to our city, needs to move from being a low wage business to a Living Wage business. The improvement in the economic outlook is giving the opportunity for this to happen and the Chamber of Commerce are successfully demonstrating it makes business sense as well.”

    Davy Jones, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown 2015: “I am a huge supporter of the Living Wage campaign. I am delighted that the City Council was one of the first in the country to adopt it for its employees and that a wider campaign exists within the City for its adoption. It is a terrible indictment of our economic system that so many people are on zero hours contracts and poverty wages with no recent increases to keep up with the rising cost of living. No wonder that the much-awaited upturn to the economy has been so slow and hesitant when people do not have enough money in their pockets! No wonder that the public purse is stretched when so many people in work are receiving top-up payments as their wages are so low. We need to win wider recognition that working people need decent wages – that a living wage is not a luxury but a necessity if we are to have the fairer society that so many people claim to support”

    Peter Kyle, Labour Parliamentary Candidate Hove and Portslade 2015: “It’s a shocking truth that most people living in poverty these days are in work. Many employers are trailblazing in their efforts to tackle in-work poverty, after-all it makes sense to do so. Actions like the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign bring these pioneers of fair pay together to transform how our city’s employers approach remuneration and I have proudly added my name to this growing movement.”

    Other support comes from UNISON…

    Alex Knutsen of UNISON: “Brighton and Hove UNISON is very pleased to be working with the Chamber, and optimistic that in the next 12 months, we will be able to double the number of businesses in the City whose staff receive the Living Wage.”

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How much is the Living Wage?

    The Living Wage rate for the UK is currently £8.45 per hour. The Living Wage rate for London is currently £9.40 per hour.

    The rates are announced every November during Living Wage week and businesses are given until 1st April to implement them.

    The Living Wage rates are an hourly rate. You can work out the annual salary by calculating the Living Wage rate x hours worked per week x 52. For example the UK Living Wage as an annual salary might be £8.25 x 37.5 x 52 = £16,087.50.

    Who does the Living Wage apply to?

    The Living Wage applies to all staff over the age of 18 who work regularly on your premises. Apprentices and interns are exempt.

    How do I sign up?

    To sign up, you just need to make a commitment to paying your employees at least £8.45 per hour. There is no fee and it only takes a couple of minutes. You can sign up here.

    Will someone check up on the businesses that have signed up to the Living Wage Campaign?

    No, by signing up a business is simply announcing publicly that they are paying their staff a minimum of the Living Wage. If something changes for the business and they are no longer able to do this, or should an employee approach us and say that they are not paid a Living Wage, we will have a discussion with the business to see what to do next. There will not be a formal process of monitoring or checking up on businesses.

    Will I be blacklisted for not signing up to the campaign?

    No, the campaign is a positive one. The benefits of paying the Living Wage will be promoted and businesses that sign up to it will also receive a certain amount of positive marketing. We will listen to businesses that do not or cannot pay it and try to see how obstacles could be overcome.