ABC Translations

ABC Translations provides technically accurate and highly fluent translations in dozens of language combinations across a wide range of commercial, legal and technical fields.

Good language translation matters. A less than perfect job carries real risks: to personal liberty and protection in legal matters, to sales and brand reputation in business and marketing, and even to life and limb in technical and medical communications. Translation and interpreting are art forms and technical disciplines where cultural understanding, tonal sensitivity and knowledge of the subject are key to delivering any document or conversation with absolute precision of communication.

Our friendly, efficient service is underpinned by a serious approach to the importance of our work. We use a large team of experienced translators and interpreters, many of whom have worked in the sectors in which they specialise, and all of whom deliver nothing less than a gold standard product.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

At ABC Translations, we firmly believe that you get what you pay for. We offer a specialist, professional service; we therefore require staff capable of delivering that service and we wouldn’t get the right calibre of person if we didn’t pay a reasonable salary. Moreover, staff who feel valued will be more productive. It is of course important to have a good working environment, lots of positive feedback, supportive management, etc, but a decent living wage is what puts food on the table.