ableandwilling (a&w) are Brighton & Hove's only Supported Employer. We employ and support people with a variety of disabilities in full-time and part-time employment. Our aim always is to help staff move on into unsupported employment.

We in turn are supported by Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC), who's valuable assistance is intrinsic to our future.

Some of our revenue comes from BHCC, but as we work as a commercial concern, we rely on external customers predominantly.

Wherever possible we aim to be environmentally friendly, and welcome site visits from potential customers to see our facilities and work conditions.

We believe in dignity through work and fair pay for all in our business.

a&w has helped many disabled people move on into employment, and is still helping others to do the same!

a&w provides a safe and supportive environment for all, and our support of staff is one of the key ingredients to our increasing success. Our work is to industry standards, and produces much needed products and services to both the public and private sectors.

a&w are also committed to working within our community. We have worked with Charities, Unions, some Brighton and Hove's most high profile Philanthropreneurs and other businesses over the last four years.

We have worked with sole traders and multinationals who use and endorse us due to our aims and ethos - And the list keeps growing.

We are not a Charity or Social Enterprise, and need to make profits to sustain our present model.

We strive to offer high end products at affordable prices. We are a proactive and forward thinking business that is adaptable and approachable to our customers

Why do you support the Living Wage?

"As part of Brighton and Hove City Council ableandwilling support the Living Wage Campaign as a way of making pay fair for all working people."