BADA Music

The Breakthrough Artist Development Association, or BADA for short, is a young but ambitious organisation that aims to help musicians at any stage of their journey in an ethical manner. The original concept was imagined by Brighton born and bread polymath musician, Doe, and was later joined by professional music teacher, Petros.
Although the pair have had quite different career paths within the music industry, both noticed very similar problems and reached the same conclusion: musicians need some serious support. They’re working in one of the most complicated and erratic industries, one that has lured in millions with false promises of stardom and success, only to reward them with traumas and mental health issues. Plus the pay is terrible!
BADA aims to train and equip musicians with all the right tools in order to survive and thrive in this accursed yet in the same time beloved industry.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

As mentioned above, music related jobs rarely pay well, plus they are hard to find. There are way too many musicians here in Brighton that struggle making a living working jobs unrelated to music as it is, BADA does not want be part of this problem.