Bamboo Nine

Ethical. Honest. Transparent.

Bamboo Nine are a proud Premier Google Ads Partner & ethical Digital PR agency, established in 2013.

We pride ourselves on complete transparency and hard work. Our bespoke reporting justifies and validates our working partnerships

No Contracts. No Margins. No Hidden Costs.

If we make you a return on investment, if we cater to your needs and make you feel important, why would you leave us? We want each client to feel valued and respected.

Your success makes us successful.

Boutique. Personal. Unique.

Pride in our work underpins our success. We see ourselves as a customer service agency first and foremost, a digital one closely after. We see things differently.

Come and talk to us to see why.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

The question should be, why would you not support the Living Wage Campaign?