Bond St Coffee

Owned and ran by Chris Campbell since 2014, Bond St Coffee has made a name for itself in the Brighton coffee scene for serving modern, speciality single origin coffee and homemade vegan cakes.

Originally opened with Bradley and Amelia Steenkamp, the team behind Horsham Coffee Roasters, Their constantly changing single-origin menu highlights the incredible flavour profiles of the different coffees we serve from around the world. We invite and encourage you to engage with us about which coffee you might prefer! Always ethically traded and sourced from privately owned farms and co-operatives of small hold farmers around the world.

Today, The cafe is still operated by Chris and his roastery, Black Rain, but along side other roasters who are also producing excellent coffees!

Why do you support the Living Wage?

Staff well being and happiness is one of our cafes core principles and I believe this starts with a decent wage, holiday pay and payments to their staff pensions. If we want coffee shop staff to be dedicated to the profession, we need to start treating them like professionals!