Bright Dials ltd

right Dials is a specialist marketing automation and CRM agency, helping clients discover which marketing and operational tools will work best for their organisation. We start with a Discovery phase where we analyse your current tools, marketing activity, sales processes and user journeys. Based on this we offer independent advice on the best marketing software for your organisation. This work provides the basis to move into the second phase of Integration. Bright Dials provides a fully outsourced migration service to transfer you onto your new platform. Collating and cleaning all your data, building out your new CRM, setting up automations and integrating any other tools required in your business. We believe it's vital to know how to use your new tools and are available for training ongoing. If you need any help with your marketing campaigns we can do this too.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

The Living Wage Campaign is a fantastic idea and we are really pleased to play our part. We believe in providing people with part-time, flexible work which can be remote and crucially at the right price. In reality it is very hard to find all four parts, particularly as a parent returning to the workplace. So our philosophy does sit well with the Living Wage campaign and we are very happy to support this and spread the word.