BrightMinded Ltd

At BrightMinded we think that coding is creative – it’s about finding the brightest solutions to the biggest challenges.

We’re a team of highly-experienced software engineers and we work with reliable local partners that complement our skill sets. The founders combine more than 40 years of programming experience with 15 years of product management – and we’ve worked together as a team since 2006.

We have produced a diverse set of software solutions including web apps, mobile apps, chat bots, machine learning algorithms, social networking apps, quantitative models, portfolio construction tools, embedded control systems, data mining tools, GPS and navigation tools, sentiment analysis and visual recognition software.
We’re professional, open-minded and agile and we’ll ensure you get the best possible solution for the budget available. We’ve worked with highly demanding clients, ranging from small Brighton boutiques to international charities like WWF and global banks like JP Morgan

Why do you support the Living Wage?

Our team are what forms BrightMinded. We have always believed in fair pay for a hard day's work.