Brighton Girls

At Brighton & Hove High GDST, we strive to create an environment where:

- Students can flourish in supportive surroundings

- Students can shine academically and socially in a girls-only environment

- Students can develop their own characters, their own strengths and interests but have a strong sense of community and a shared commitment to strive and succeed

- The academic and social climate is reassuring, but exciting, so that students have the confidence to reach beyond their own perceived limits

- Every student feels they belong

- Every student is happy

- Every student is resilient

- Every student leaves school academically and mentally equipped to succeed in whatever field is right for them

Our vision is of generations of ex-students, now and in the future, who have the ability to lead, to make a difference to the world – who are both bold and kind.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

As part of The Girls' Day School Trust network of schools across the country we support the Living Wage Campaign to ensure that all staff are paid a wage that is fair and provides for a decent standard of living. The GDST is proud to be a Living Wage Employer and Brighton & Hove High School GDST is proud to be a member of this network.