Caremark (Brighton & Hove)

We are a domiciliary care provider serving the area of Brighton and Hove. We offer care and support services throughout Brighton and Hove from Portslade through to mid Saltdean. Our belief is that everyone is entitled to support to continue to live at home if this is what they wish to do. Everyone is entitled to respect, dignity and support to remain as independent as possible. We provide this by giving each person that comes to us for support an individualised support plan that is written individually for them including an assessment of their needs, a discussion with them about what they feel it is they would like to help support them and a matching of a carer to help support them with those specific needs. At Caremark we understand that some of the daily routines many people take for granted can become difficult or restrictive. We offer local care services and home care support to help people to continue to enjoy life to its fullest and to help them to remain independent.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

Both of the managing directors of Caremark (Brighton & Hove) have lived in this area all of their lives and have worked in the care industry for many years, because of this they are both extremely aware of the issues of the high cost of living that is in this area and the low pay that is usually associated with the caring industry. Due to this they are determined to pay their carers a fair and liveable wage as well as to ensure that they have good quality staff working for them. Our plan is to run an ethical care company as we understand the demands placed on our carers and what a challenging and difficult job they have at times and we want to ensure that they are paid a fair wage for the work that they do and also to retain our quality staff.