Over 41,000 teachers actively use Charanga’s online platform to help them teach music – our award-winning Musical School programme being the curriculum of choice for 60% of primary schools in England. Building on its success, 2.5m students in 62 countries enjoy Charanga-supported music lessons every week.

While COVID-19 has changed the educational landscape, we are responding to its challenges by creating additional music technology and new online teaching facilities to engage children in music and stimulate their learning. Simply put, we offer everything teachers need to deliver inspiring and progressive music lessons for all children, whatever the circumstances.

Last year close to 1,000 teachers shared their experiences of using Charanga. 96% reported improvements in the quality of their teaching, while a reduction in their workload and improved well-being is leading to positive student outcomes.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

Charanga values its employees and rewards them generously. By supporting the Living Wage Campaign, we hope that other employers and the goverment will follow suit. Minimum wage doesn't take into account the cost of living - we want to support workers to thrive, not just survive.