Community Works

We connect charities, volunteers and businesses.

Voluntary and community action makes our society and city a better place. We want to make sure it does. And that it has the greatest positive impact on everyone. To achieve this we create the support and networks that help people and organisations to use their time, expertise and energy effectively.

We give voluntary and community organisations the support and platform they need to make a difference to local lives and issues. We help people who want to volunteer their time to find local opportunities that make the most of their abilities and ambitions. We connect local businesses with voluntary and community organisations so they can both benefit from each other’s expertise and networks. We also work with the public sector to ensure they connect with local voluntary and community action.

The support and networks we create between organisations and people help to build a stronger and fairer city for everyone.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

We support the living wage campaign as it is an important way of ensuring a stronger and fairer city for everyone.