Starting as the UK's first online accountancy firm in 2009, Crunch has evolved to offer financial services such as business insurance, mortgages and financial planning for freelancers, contractors, startups and small businesses.

We're the UK's fastest-growing provider of support, advocacy, and services for the 8.4 million-strong micro-business community. We hire exceptional people who are passionate about enterprise, love helping others achieve their business dreams, and are bursting with new ideas.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

We're always on the hunt for talented people to help us reach our ambitious goals, and it's of great importance to us that they are comfortable, happy and motivated when they get here - not having to worry about affording the basics. We are proud to commit to paying our employees the Brighton living wage as a minimum standard based on living costs - it's the right thing to do for our employees, our business, and for society.