EN Architects

Pragmatic and Personal. These words define ENA and our approach to design and collaboration with our homeowner, property developer and local authority clients. With 20 years experience in Architectural design, we have seen that high-quality design is born out of an honest dialogue between client and architect where both parties trust the other and leave ego at the door.

When we design buildings, we ensure that the aesthetic appeal is a consequence of the building’s functionality and so create spaces where we prioritise function, and focus on simplicity and efficiency.

EN Architects believe in designing contemporary and bespoke spaces, tailored to our clients’ specific requirements, and that it is essential to listen to our clients’ vision to create meaningful spaces, buildings and homes.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

We believe that the core of a successful business is happy, healthy and engaged staff focused on the shared goals of the business and their own ambitions. Our business model is built on supporting others to achieve the best they can, but by their own means. In our day to day work, that means supporting our clients to create their own dream home with the benefit of our skills and experience. With regard to our staff, we ensure they have all the support they need to live and grow to the best of their ability.