Fiveways Playcentre

Fiveways Playcentre (Charity number 1131820) continues the work of Fiveways Pre-school Playgroup, Charity number 305178, founded in 1971.

Our Aims are :
To advance the education of children below compulsory school age by providing safe and satisfying group play
To provide value-for-money affordable childcare
Encouraging other charitable activities through which children may benefit

Our Activities include :
The Playcentre is open for childcare sessions Monday to Friday following the East Sussex Schools Academic year, ie closing for end of term and half term holidays
The Playcentre offers a choice of all day and sessional care and also offers an After School club until 5.30pm
The Playcentre offers a Breakfast Club to take in children at 8am and safely conduct them to school at 8.30am
The Playcentre offers “Play and Stay” sessions for Parents to accompany their babies & toddlers in an informal setting

Why do you support the Living Wage?

"In a low-pay sector we typically pay Entry-level NVQ2-qualified staff 35% more than the National Minimum Wage.

Bearing in mind that Brighton & Hove is one of the most expensive places to live in the South East outside London, we were the 1st Nursery in the UK to register with the Living Wage Foundation.

This year we pay Entry-level NVQ2-qualified staff 12% more than the [non-London] Living Wage, and we are within 5% of the rate for London itself.
Even now, over 2 years later, as of February 2015 there are only 3 Nurseries registered as paying the Living Wage in the UK."