Freedom Works Ltd

Freedom Works is a simple concept created by people who have worked from home, coffee shops or cafes. Developed for those looking for a ‘workplace home’ Freedom Works offers independent, freelance, start-up or growing companies a home from which to excel their business or venture.

Our spacious offices

Are designed for the modern day worker – Soho or Tech hub worker, freelancer, start-up business, growing business, entrepreneur and (or) those looking for collaboration and flexibility.

Our focus

Is very much on towns and cities outside the capital. We cater for the talent who need a place to grow in their ‘home towns’.

And finally

We’re extremely proud to set up our second coworking and collaborative office space in the Hove…. Be part of a community where like minded people can achieve and accelerate!

This is your office, environment or studio space where you are a member.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

We are lucky enough to have a team 'who care'. Job satisfaction is key, as is self esteem and the ability to grow....But, the right and fair renumeration is a basic right. That is why Freedom Works is proud to be part of the Living Wage Brighton Initiative.