Ganda Media

Ganda Media Solutions is a one stop shop for all you need to tell everyone about your business. We are an independent printing company in Brighton. We are printers, graphic designers, website designers and digital marketers. Covering all marketing bases allows you to execute the perfect strategy from start to finish, without the hassle and expense of working with several different companies.

We believe in the economics of ecology – we keep our overheads down and run a streamlined, efficient operation that’s good for the environment, allowing us to pass on our cost savings to you through the lowest print prices anywhere in the UK.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

"As our team at Ganda grows we want to ensure we retain a productive and motivated workforce who are with us for the long haul. By signing up to Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign, we can both commit to paying our staff their worth whilst also helping increase the visibility of this campaign. It’s tough in the South East, but we believe everyone should be paid well enough to enjoy living here."