Hailsham Roadways Construction

The Right History
We have 50 years’ pedigree in civil engineering and asphalt surfacing. We understand our industry, its people and its ways of working. Hailsham Roadways is solid, established and credible, with a long-term client portfolio that includes major highways authorities and important motorway projects.

The Right Attitude
In our industry, trust and reliability matter. We know that precise budgets, careful margins and important timescales call for close partnership. We ensure everything is done as it should be.

The Right Knowledge
Modern construction calls for fresh thinking. Carbon and sustainability are firmly on the agenda. With all the right ISO accreditation and a commitment to the circular economy, we take care of this for you and your clients.

The Right Technology
The smartest plant, the best vehicles and the most powerful technology: vital equipment that brings us efficiency, quality and keeps everyone s

Why do you support the Living Wage?

The key to a smooth-running construction project is its people. We deliver your project ourselves, with a skilled, professional and growing in-house team. We don’t sub-contract.

We train and develop our employees and apprentices to strive for perfection. We advise educators and charities on how to nurture the talent our industry needs. We feel proud to be at the heart of the community, creating sustainable jobs for people across the south east.