Harriet's of Hove Ltd

Harriet’s of Hove is jointly run by partners Harriet and Mhiran. They both work in healthcare and have a first-hand experience in striving to live more sustainably. Harriet is an NHS Ambassador for Sustainability in Healthcare and has transferred her skills in sustainability into their shop.
It is a first time business venture for them together and they truly hope that Harriet’s of Hove can grow to be more than just a refill store for the community. In time, they hope to see their business flourish and become an environmental hub of interest and will be using the space for classes and groups in the evening. The overall goal is to make sustainable living accessible for all. Harriet’s of Hove welcome anyone to come in and to take on the challenge of saying no to single use plastics!
By working closely with suppliers, encouraging a ‘bring your own container’ habit and buying produce in bulk, Harriet’s of Hove will be able to develop a more circular way of procuring food and produce.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

We set a wage we believed fair before we opened the shop. We are delighted to now know that this is considered fair and acceptable as a living wage in Brighton and Hove.
We support the Living Wage Campaign because we believe employers have a massive responsibility to respect staff and pay a fair living wage that reflects their living circumstances and area.