Healthwatch Brighton and Hove is the independent watchdog for health and social care services in the city. We work to give people a stronger voice about how local health and social care services are delivered for them, their family and community.

Healthwatch can:
• give people the opportunity to create a health and care system that really meets their needs.
• enable people to make informed choices about their health and wellbeing by assisting with their concerns or complaints about the services they receive.

If you wish to share your experiences or you need some support, contact the Healthwatch helpline on 01273 234040 or email confidentially on

For more information call 01273 234041, visit the website at or follow us on social media:

Twitter: HealthwatchBH

Why do you support the Living Wage?

We support the Living Wage Campaign because we believe passionately that the city and the people who live and work within it need a good wage structure for everyone to be well and healthy. People need to earn enough to be able afford healthy food and activities.