NLP World Ltd

Terry Elston: Group dynamic change: With 19 years of NLP training experience, he leads groups from 5 to 100 in various briefs from NLP skill set trainings, sales training, all aspects of communication, team building, and self–development.
Executive coaching: Personal breakthrough sessions where a personal issue becomes a personal learning! People’s lives change.

Working beyond the brief: Sometimes groups will need more than a set of good skills or slick trainers. Terry’s abilities are well known to the media as well as the groups and individuals that have some to see him. He has the “Midas touch” when it comes to getting results.

His corporate skills did not go unnoticed: The UK government called in NLP World to work on communication goals within the Cabinet Office in Whitehall. The UK police force also wanted exclusive NLP training from Terry and NLP World. Consequently, NLP World trained many police officers in advanced communication skills and personality profiling.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

I support people to develop themselves. the money is irrelevant but does make people feel better :)