Oasis Project

We are a charity organisation giving hope to people affected by drugs & alcohol. We help women, children and families find the strength and opportunities to make choices that lead to change. Not just for themselves, but for their families, their friends and their communities. We help the people who need us most. Women and children affected by drugs and alcohol are incredibly vulnerable. They are more likely than anyone else to face domestic violence, and other forms of physical and emotional abuse. That’s why Oasis Project focuses on helping women, children and families, including fathers. Because when you can help mums and dads change their own stories, you can break a chain of abuse and addiction.
We offer services to families in Brighton and Hove and across East Sussex with teams based in Brighton and Hastings and Eastbourne.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

Oasis supports the Living Wage Campaign. Whilst recognising that we are a charity with limited resources we also want to make sure that we are valuing our employees and one way to do that is to make sure our minimum rates of pay are still a decent hourly rate.