Ocasta Studios

We like to meet companies eager to get into mobile, to help them understand how to effectively embrace the post-pc era. We’ve got some great clients, from large corporations like Virgin Media, worldwide food retailer Delhaize Group, The Register who take a quirky slant on tech news, easyCar Club – the Airbnb for cars, alongside local forward thinking family run businesses like Harveys Brewery. Recently we’re working on an open source comic book app and community in partnership with Alan Moore.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

"As a mobile app company our team is our core asset and the key to continuing our success, so offering them a secure and healthy salary is just one of the many ways we keep them motivated to continue developing themselves. For that reason we pay all our staff well above the living wage; as an investment in each individual and the local community is essential for any sensible business."