Plus X

Plus X transforms places. We create work spaces in areas with unlocked potential, driving business growth, innovation, community collaboration and positive social impact. Through commercial hubs incorporating inspiring workspace, access to growth services and a curated culture of collaboration, Plus X creates a fertile environment that drives prosperity. In partnership with specialist regeneration developer U+I, we will be launching Plus X hubs across the UK with Plus X Brighton opening in December 2019. Our approach champions innovation, connection, collaboration and wellbeing combined with deep insights to best serve the customised needs of our local and distinct Plus X communities. Our unique formula includes a range of benefits to help support productivity and positivity featuring in-house resilience coaches, balanced nutrition options, health and wellness classes and access to inspiring outdoor spaces.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

We are passionate about unlocking potential and having positive social impact. We believe the Living Wage is a crucial aspect for helping communities to thrive.