Quick HR

Quick advice and no waffle. HR Human Resources agency based in Brighton and Haywards Heath, covering Sussex and the South-East. Help with people issues (good or bad) including recruitment and interviewing, training and development, contracts and policies, sickness absence, disciplinary issues, redundancy and restructuring, coaching and pay reviews.

Need help with employee issues but don’t want to hire someone? Need extra HR resources or to cover because your HR person is not available? Employed and worried about a work issue? Want training tailored for your business? We can help - just say what you want to do or what the problem is, then we’ll quickly set out your options.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

"The living wage is a fair minimum pay level for people to stay in Brighton & Hove – and that’s got to be good for all employers because you want to keep people you’ve hired and trained, rather than have to replace them."