Quintessence Fragrances Ltd

Founded in 1982, Quintessence Fragrances has flourished from a small independent workforce into a thriving global team that drives passion, innovation and collaboration into every product. We started by producing now-classic scents for The Body Shop, before joining forces with the Goldfield Fragrances Group to take our operations across the world.
Today, we work closely with our customers to create scents their customers come back to time and time again. Forward-thinking, future-proof fragrances that are crafted with care and expertise. Our company has evolved to become the hub of innovation it is today – still with the hand-in-hand customer care that makes each project feel so special.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

Quintessence committed to paying our colleagues the Living Wage 3 years ago and pledge to continue doing so. We believe in supporting our colleagues in a variety of ways and financial wellbeing is always high on our agenda which is why we our teams are paid well above the living wage.