Sussex Interpreting Services (SIS)

Sussex Interpreting Services (SIS) offers a range of support services which are free to all refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and people with language support needs.

Community interpreters work face to face to ensure access to services for people with language support needs. They help people feel safe, heard and understood. Community interpreters need: excellent language skills, great sensitivity, empathy, and a special quality of being unbiased and removed but at the same time friendly and supportive. Community interpreting services make an effective contribution to equality in public services.

Bilingual advocates work with more vulnerable and isolated service users. They take time to appreciate the views, needs, expectations and concerns of the service user and ensure these are heard, respected and acted upon.

Volunteer linguists reach out to isolated people and excluded communities to explain what services are available and how to access them.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

The campaign is important in trying to support people to avoid exploitative employers and is especially relevant to our service users who find themselves with insecure employment.