Sussex Prisoners' Families

Sussex Prisoners’ Families was established in July 2013. Operating as a social enterprise the project is a Community Interest Company (limited by guarantee). In the first year we developed our governance, branding, business plan and policy framework and raised funds to initiate the Court Volunteer Family Support service. In our second year we built a website and recruited and trained volunteers who started operating in the Sussex courts in October 2014. We now have services in Crown and Magistrates courts across Sussex with our Volunteer Court Family Support service; a First Stop Advocacy and Advice helpline offering long term 1-2-1 support, community based family support/drop in groups in Hastings, St.Leonards and Brighton and volunteers supporting the visitors experience in HMP Lewes. Our website also provides practical information for families and professionals.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

Paying the living wage is simply the right thing to do. Its also a reflection of our people based values as well as a smart business model - a team that has a good salary and good working conditions can then go on to provide a really good service to our beneficiaries, customers and stakeholders