The Student Room

The Student Room is a thriving community of students using our on-site forums and content to support each other through education, life around learning, all the way through to careers.

Whether it’s getting study help, advice choosing a university, which laptop to buy or what career to pursue; learning from the advice and experiences of others is a unique and invaluable component for The Student Room.

We care passionately about students and have a dedicated team of 70 employees and 160 volunteers working behind the scenes to nurture, support and grow our community.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

As a company who provides support for students throughout their education and into employment, we strongly believe that we should also support our employees in whatever way possible.

It is our social responsibility to ensure that our employees are provided with decent pay standards and by aligning ourselves with such a campaign we are putting pressure on other companies to follow suit for such a just cause.

It is only logical that a company such as ourselves should pay the minimum wage required to live in the city of employment, which not only benefits our employees, but the city as a whole.