Tracy Henning VA

Tracy Henning VA

I am a business support professional. Offering efficient and effective solution to clients back-office requirements.

With 40 years administration experience including 20 years + as Executive/Personal assistant and Office Manager.

As a proactive individual, I can provide the support you need, in turn, improving your company's growth, saving your company money, and releasing your time to focus on driving your company forward.

With a background working with individuals, SMEs, and large global corporations, I understand the workings of a business and can deal with all levels of business and customers.

Why do you support the Living Wage?

Everyone has the right to be able to live without fear of debt, to have the ability to feed and clothe their families, and to heat their homes. Due to the current cost of living crisis, a vast number of the population are not able to do this. Zero-hour contracts and minimum wage offerings make for financial insecurity for hard-working individuals. None of which is fair or right.