67 Degrees joins the Brighton Living Wage Campaign


Chamber Vice-President Jill Woolf spoke to Cheryl Humphreys from 67 Degrees, the latest company to sign up for the Brighton Living Wage Campaign.


Tell me about your business:

67 Degrees is based in Shoreham and provides innovative website design, e-commerce solutions and marketing services exclusively to the automotive industry. Our services include website design, SEO, social media management, PPC, content writing and PR.

Founded in 2016, the 67 Degrees team has over 30 years of automotive industry experience between us. Drawing upon this, we are able to build on our existing knowledge, while being perfectly placed to develop great digital solutions to capture the latest industry trends.

We are all about quality customer service. We work closely with car dealers of all sizes across the UK, delivering striking and impactful results for the trade. In the last four years, we have picked up over 20 awards and commendations for our agency services and client relations at major industry events.

Why have you joined the Living Wage Campaign?

At 67 Degrees we are passionate about our business and about our people. The Living Wage Campaign ensures that staff are paid over and above the government’s national minimum – something we strongly believe in as a company.

Why is it important for you to be taking part? 

We understand that to get the best out of our team, we all need to feel valued and fairly rewarded for what we do. Even though we are based in Shoreham, we were really pleased to learn we could be part of the Brighton Living Wage Campaign to benefit 67 Degrees’ employees.

How is it of benefit to your employees?

By being part of the Brighton Living Wage Campaign, the 67 Degrees team and our future employees can feel assured that we will be paid over and above the accepted minimum level of pay per hour here in Sussex. Happy employees improve morale and keeps the team motivated, which increases productivity, so it is win-win on both sides of the business!

How will those benefits reflect back to the company?

As a company, we already deliver on the pay promises outlined by the Brighton Living Wage Campaign. However we can now offer extra assurances and added peace of mind to our team in terms of consistently good wages and monthly pay packets.

Has the pandemic influenced your decision to join the campaign?

Being a digital-based company, the 67 Degrees team have been able to work remotely and effectively during the pandemic. This has enabled us to restructure and expand. As we are actively recruiting, this encouraged us to explore the opportunity of joining the Campaign.

Part of our recruitment process is to ensure that potential candidates understand the benefits of working with a small independent company like us and the perks we can offer. Among flexible working hours, a work-from-home policy, and a birthday day off, our commitment to meet and exceed the minimum level of pay is just another reason to join our team!

What reactions have you experienced among your people and why? 

The 67 Degrees team are delighted to be officially associated with the Brighton Living Wage Campaign and recognised as an official Living Wage employer.


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