Celebrate Living Wage Week with us

This week is Living Wage Week! Running from 30th October to 5th November, Living Wage Week is an opportunity to celebrate the success of our local Living Wage campaign and raise its profile.

We were delighted to announce last week that over 300 businesses have joined the campaign. There are now 303 employers and nearly 3,000 salaries have been elevated as a result.

We asked recently asked businesses that have signed up to the campaign to fill in a survey about their experiences. Here are some of the interesting things we found:

  • 70% of businesses noticed a positive impact on their staff.
  • 60% of businesses noticed a positive impact on their business.
  • They went on to say that staff morale improved (56%), productivity levels and quality of work was higher (23%) and employee retention improved (44%).
  • 36% of businesses use their Living Wage employer status to recruit new members of staff and 32% have used it to win new customers, tenders or bids.
  • Other benefits of signing up to the Living Wage Campaign included: gaining a platform with a wider audience, being a differentiator between competitors and improved brand consumer awareness.

Celebrate Living Wage Week with us. We’ve put together a list of suggestions to help you:

  • Share our survey results on social media @BHLivingWage #LivingWageWeek #Brighton
  • Display your Living Wage sticker (email campaigns@businessinbrighton.org.uk and we’ll send you one)
  • Encourage another business to sign up
  • Write us a blog about your experience with the Living Wage
  • Arrange a staff lunch or after-work drinks at a Living Wage cafe or pub
  • Run a special promotion or offer that we can promote (for example 10% off for customers that enter the code ‘LivingWageWeek’ on your website)

Whatever you do we would love to hear about it! Connect with us on social media: like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.