Celebrating Living Wage employers’ good news

Here at the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign we love shouting about our fantastic employers and the amazing things they are up to. This month we heard from our Living Wage employers about some of the awards they’ve been winning.

UnBarred Brewery’s benchmark IPA Joosy took the Gold Award at the London Craft Beer Awards

Joosy started out life as Benchmark, a 4.7% Session IPA with an amber hue and plenty of piney bitterness and rich fruity aromas. If you pop along to UnBarred’s Taproom on any day of the week it’s full of best friends, co-workers and old acquaintances catching up on the days/weeks/month’s goings on over a cool pint of Joosy.

When they opened the doors of the new brewery and Taproom back in 2019, Jordan and Lead Brewer Gary set about re-imagining Benchmark to the beer that we know now. An award winner itself (taking the Bev Robbins shield back) they wanted to keep that spirit and create something that would really represent Brighton. Not long after, Joosy was born.

Joosy is a 5.1% hazy Pale Ale brewed with Amarillo & Simcoe, it’s a super juicy and crushable pale with bags of citrus, grapefruit, and orange zest. A little stronger than its predecessor with a more golden colour, it might have changed in appearance and flavour, but it still retains that same spirit, that same purpose that won it that Shield all those years ago and now holds a Gold Award from the London Craft Beer Awards.

Hunters Group wins Gold at The ESTAS

The ESTAS, the most prestigious awards in the UK property sector awarded Hunters Group the Gold Award in Landlord Services.

Phil Spencer, the ESTAS host stated: “I’ve said it many times, but the work of agents, conveyancers and brokers is vastly underrated by the general public and its only when clients go through the process that they understand the effort, complexity and hard work that goes into your job.”

Jon Clayson, managing director of Hunters said “We are absolutely thrilled to be recognised in this year’s ESTAS. It means so much to us as we know it’s our customers who have judged our performance. We take our levels of customer service very seriously because we know clients have a choice. We have always been very proud of the personal service and this proves we are delivering what we promise.”

SiteVisibility takes the TINYPulse award for Employee Recognition

TINYpulse, who boasts 800 customers, awarded SiteVisibility the award for Employee Recognition in 2022.

SiteVisibility recognizes the importance of sharing their team’s success and the work they continue to do. By cultivating a positive, supportive atmosphere SiteVisibility highlights how to practice gratefulness as a habit.

The award is giving to the highest ‘Cheers for Peers’ per capita in 2022.


Thank you to our Living Wage employers for sharing their successes, and if you’d like to be part of the Campaign’s ‘Good news stories’ then please email us at campaigns@brightonchamber.co.uk.